My name is Luke and I want to work for you.

I built this site to show you what I've done and what I can do for you.


Luke is an experienced and versatile writer with experience in healthcare, community news and technology. He would love to work for you.

Luke's professional career started shortly after receiving an undergraduate degree from Hampshire College, where he followed an interdisciplinary course of studies focused in the humanties and social sciences that culminated in the completion of a comprehensive senior project.

On the side, Luke is a political junkie, armchair economist, Boston sports fan and a pretty bad cook. His dislikes include writing in the third person and drafting cover letters that read like bad obituaries.


Luke earned his first post-college paychecks reporting on Boston-area communities for several local news outlets. Attending city council meetings and writing from gas station parking lots, he learned the basics of journalism.

He left community news to join Clinical Innovation + Technology as a healthcare journalist. With a central focus on technology’s role in healthcare reform, the position required understanding of medical and technical terminology, regulatory and reimbursement structures, and public policy.

Luke has taken the time to refine his journalism and writing skills through online resources, such as Poynter's NewsU. With this experience, Luke is able to make an immediate contribution with any news outlet.


In the age of advertorials, it’s easier than ever to make the transition from journalist to marketing specialist. Luke has freelanced as a copywriter throughout his career, crafting white papers, online content, and infographics on a range of topics from workers’ compensation to broadband technology.

Luke enjoys investigating all sides of a story and building compelling narratives that send the appropriate message. A versatile writer with a strong research background, Luke is well-prepared to draft copy for a variety of marketing material.


He doesn't just write prose well; Luke's pretty good with several coding languages as well. Okay, he may not be a code ninja, but he has worked hard to develop knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JQuery -- skills many employers need today and will need in the future. He knows enough to have designed and developed this website himself, and is currently expanding his knowledge of programming languages through several online educational resources, including Codecademy.

Luke loves to learn and has thoroughly enjoyed the several coding projects he has worked on thus far. He looks forward to putting these developing skills to more practical use in the future.


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